· I live somewhere far, far, away, do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I do! My goodies will go wherever you need them, even to a galaxy far, far away.

· I just can't wait for it, when will I receive my order?

All orders are sent once a week, these are the approximate delivering times:

- Spain
: 2-7 working days.

- Worldwide : 10-30 days.

* Please notice that depending on certain holidays or issues that do not depend on me, these times may vary slightly.

· How can I be sure I'll receive my precious order?

No worries! ALL shipments are made by certified mail and I'll give you the tracking number of your package, so you can know where it is at any moment.

· How are your products packaged?

With tons of love and some kraft paper. Oh, and super cute washi tape. It will be like receiving a birthday gift!

Also, your package will travel in a super comfy bubble bag, to make sure it arrives in great shape to your door.

· Can I return my order?

Only if, by any terrible twist of fate, you receive a damaged product. If it's so, send me an email to
and we'll find a solution.

· Do you take private commissions?

Yes, sir! It depends on how tight the deadlines of the projects I'm working are, but feel free to drop me a line to
and tell me what beautiful idea you want me to illustrate for you.

· I'd like to buy something but it's not in your store... May I make a suggestion?

I'm always looking for new ideas! So please do tell me what new goodies you'd like to purchase in my store, and I'll make your wishes come true.

If you still have any questions, comments or suggestions about my products, please contact me by filling this
or sending me an email to

Thank you